Microsoft Office 2016 Secrets? (Tips & Tricks)

Microsoft Office 2016 is now using artificial intelligence to make your life easier. MS has added AI to their platforms with their new Smart Lookup feature. This makes fact-finding much easier as you can look up what you need right from within the document you’re working on. Do you know how to use the Smart Lookup Feature Office 2016? You don’t? Well, we’re going to change that right now. An...

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Save Valuable Laptop Battery Life (Tips/Tricks)

How Can You Keep Your Laptop Running Longer? Getting work done in the airport or other remote location where you can’t find a spare plug to recharge your “dying” laptop can be tricky. Battery power only lasts so long on any device, and once it’s used up, you’re stuck hunting down a spare outlet (along with other travelers in the airport lounge). Luckily, there are some fast and simple so...

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