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Lightning Fast Guide to Using Slide Master in PowerPoint 2016

By |August 31st, 2018|

Do you find yourself making a lot of formatting changes to your slideshows? Do you have to constantly rearrange the placeholders in each slide so things look the way you feel they should? Do the color options never seem to match what you need? Would you like to add a company logo or watermark? Then […]

Do You Know How to Add Email Signatures?

By |August 22nd, 2018|

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Add your Email Signature in Outlook,, and Gmail

Creating a signature that will leave a lasting impression at the end of an email is essential in today’s business world. However, users often struggle to know which font to use, how to make it stand out, but not make it too […]

Microsoft Office 365 for Government – (Research/Information)

By |August 22nd, 2018|

Why Your Governmental Organization Should Migrate to Microsoft Office 365 Government
Exploring the leading benefits of Office 365 for the government sector

Like all other modern organizations, governmental bodies are continually looking to technology to help them streamline operations and better serve their communities and constituents. Whether they need to better connect users, optimize data storage and […]

Where To Find Microsoft Government Cloud Assistance In Arlington, Virginia? (Questions/Answers)

By |August 20th, 2018|

What Is Microsoft Cloud for Government?
The Microsoft Cloud for Government is a complete cloud platform. It is only designed specifically for United States Federal, State, and Local Governments. It does provide:

cost saving options
rigorous security

Which includes FedRAMP, HIPAA, and CJIS-capable components. It also has the flexibility to run in government, public, or private […]

Intel Chip Vulnerabilities: What We Know So Far!

By |August 16th, 2018|

What Do We Know About Terminal Fault (L1TF) Chip Vulnerabilities?

Understanding The L1 Terminal Fault (L1TF)

Intel has recently confirmed L1 Terminal Fault (L1TF) chip vulnerabilities in its processors that can be manipulated by malware and malevolent virtual machines with the intention of stealing private information from a computer’s memory.

Who or What is Vulnerable?

In short, Intel’s desktop, […]

Why Should My Company Upgrade to Windows 10?

By |August 15th, 2018|

If you are in a startup company or run a small business, the simplest software update can easily cause anxiety for you and your group of employees. Everyone has experienced the update that causes glitches and hiccups that can disrupt the workflow.

With that said, why should you upgrade to Windows 10? Is it worth the […]

The 10 Most Secure & Insecure Airports For WiFi In The United States

By |August 14th, 2018|

Is It Safe For Me To Use The Airport’s Public Wi-Fi When I Travel?

Most airports around the U.S. and abroad provide free Wi-Fi service to travelers stranded in their terminals, waiting for their flights. While this service may appear to be generous, a recent study by Coronet, a cybersecurity company, suggests you might want to […]

August 2018 Ransomware Update

By |August 10th, 2018|

The Newest Forms Of Ransomware & How To Protect Your Business From Them

The Situation

Ransomware is now one of the top security concerns for businesses and organizations of all sizes. The City of Atlanta was hit with a ransomware attack called SamSam in March, crippling some important departments like their court system, sewer infrastructure requests, and […]

Promoting Events On Facebook. Industry Secrets Revealed

By |August 9th, 2018|

Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Events!

Facebook allows you to post events for pages and groups, and from your personal page as well. Many of the options are going to be the same for all three of these, but not all options – and some options, once set, you cannot change. It’s a good […]

Check Out The 10 Best Tablets of 2018 (Ratings/Reviews)

By |August 9th, 2018|

They are the next best thing to hauling your laptop around to school and on flights, and they’ve become the weapon of choice for parents with fussy toddlers in public spaces. But while tablets have earned their accolades in recent years, that’s not to say choosing one to take home is an easy task. With […]