1411, 2018

How to Use Designer in Microsoft PowerPoint

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Many users have found that Office 365 PowerPoint is much easier to use than previous iterations of Microsoft PowerPoint. This application features tools like Designer that take advantage of Microsoft’s cloud technology and machine learning techniques for processing pictures and choosing a suitable layout for an image. Designer also makes it possible to change your […]

711, 2018

Mobile Note Taking With Microsoft OneNote

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If you are new to Microsoft OneNote, let me say it provides a unique way to collect and review all your useful “bits” of information, whether you are at home, in the office or on the move. You can collect a range of different information. You can access your data on various devices. You can […]

211, 2018

Different Ways You Can Celebrate Love Your Lawyer Day

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As a business owner, executive or manager, you may use a lawyer for many different reasons. You may need a lawyer to look over your business contracts, to help when you buy or sell a business, to help you with any tax issues that may arise or to help with any personal injury lawsuits that […]

111, 2018

How To Utilize Microsoft Word’s Business Plan Template

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Creating a comprehensive business plan is an important step for any blossoming business. Whether you’re hoping to attract new investors or qualify for a bank loan, you’ll likely need to present a documented plan to help clarify the ins and outs of your business for interested parties.

In a bid to woo the business crowd, Microsoft […]

2910, 2018

What’s new in Office 365 for October?

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It looks like, in October, there’s a lot going on, with your Office 365 Home or Office 365 Personal subscriptions. We know some of you are reading this do subscribe to one of Office 365 consumer plans. It’s great news if you fit that description and you have more than one device at home. Check […]

2910, 2018

What’s New in the September Update of Office 365?

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The September update of Office 365 includes some major additions and changes to tools such as Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, and Excel, just to name a few. It is important to keep up with these developments, so here is a list of the major advancements of which you need to be aware.

Microsoft Teams: Skype, Selective Do […]

2610, 2018

What Are We Most Frightened Of This Halloween?

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7 Cyberattack Facts

This Halloween we’re celebrating by sharing some scary cyberattack facts. Why? Because, unfortunately, cyber attacks are increasing. The cyber threat landscape is rapidly becoming more of a concern. Not only are businesses seeing an increase in the number of attacks, but these cyber attacks are continuing to evolve.


Here are the scary facts:

Cyberattacks […]

2410, 2018

Do You Have Good Computer Habits?

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We know it’s important to have good habits in many parts of our lives, from our work to our daily hygiene. However, quite a few of us forget that we need to have good computer habits, too. Developing wise practices in connection with our computers and smartphones can make our lives much easier and help […]

2310, 2018

Moving from Skype For Business to Microsoft Teams: What You Need to Know

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Microsoft recently announced that the roadmap for bringing Skype for Business Online features and functionality into Microsoft Teams is complete. This is a significant milestone to help you upgrade Skype for Business Online with Microsoft Teams, utilizing Teams as the primary communications client in Office 365.

So What’s the Big Deal?

Whenever a change in applications takes place, users typically express some natural angst […]

2210, 2018

10 Easy Steps Implementing Your Successful SOP with SharePoint

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Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are necessary for every industry. The written procedures keep a company on track. The importance of having them is to guarantee the organization remains compliant with all federally mandated regulations, legislation, and ever-changing laws. But too often many businesses will continue to struggle with getting the correct and appropriate SOP created, […]