Bill Crider is C3’s newest team member, joining C3 as our Director of Collaboration and Governance. Bill’s background is in solutions architecture and building software solutions for Azure, Office 365 and SharePoint platforms. In addition to Bill’s work expertise, he’s an Ohio State football fan, he manages a rock band and speaks Russian. Intrigued? We were, and so we sat down with Bill to learn a little bit more about him.

What do you like best about your job at C3?

BC: I’m really enjoying the clients we have at C3; I’m used to working with very large companies and so working with a larger number of smaller clients is a new paradigm for me. I like receiving their direct feedback –our clients seem to appreciate the help we provide–and that makes for a very rewarding work environment.

What does your perfect day look like?

BC: My perfect day is a balance of work and fun. Ideally I’d wake up somewhere I have neverbeen before(although I would know how I got there!), I’d plow through a work day that goes exactly according to plan, and then head out later to explore the new place and find something fun.

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

BC:In life? The most rewarding –and I suppose unusual –thing that stands out is winning a position after grad school to work in Siberia reporting on the post-Communist Russian banking system. I had learned to speak Russian as an undergrad at the University of Cincinnati, and this was a fascinating way to apply both my MBA from Ohio State and my language skills. And its not every day that you get to check out Siberia! It was an incredible experience all around.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

BC:I am an avowed Ohio State football fan and so I am required to attend any and all sporting events and mercilessly troll the other side(especially if they’re from Michigan.)

What’s your philosophy toward work?

BC:I really dislike rote, assembly-line types of work or re-work. My philosophy is to automate everything that I can, so I can spend as much time as possible on the intellectual, value-added aspects of a job. One day I will reach this nirvana!

What’s your fondest memory from childhood?

BC:I loved travelling around with my family on different trips for fun. We always found new adventures, and I think it inspired my lifelong love of travel and desire to visit new places and do new things.

Now its time for the speed round…name your FAVORITE:


I manage a band called Trauma Illinois. They have a classic rock & roll band vibe –imagine a lot of hook driven melodies–with some modern alt rock lyrical edges. Not surprisingly, if I’m not listening to Trauma Illinois, you’ll find some good old 80’s rock bands on my playlist.

TV Show:

Of course, Ohio State football every fall. Beyond that, the only show in the last 10 years I have made any specific time for was The Walking Dead.


Frankenstein, Atlas Shrugged, and works from the fantasy author Raymond Feist.

Rock on Bill–and welcome to the C3 Team!

Bill Wootton is the Founder and President of C3 Integrated Solutions, a full-service IT provider based in Arlington, VA that specializes in securing our nation’s Defense Industrial Base through cloud-based solutions and industry leading partners. Bill is passionate about bringing cyber-awareness, and cyber-maturity to the nation’s Defense Industrial Base, working with clients to help them achieve CMMC and NIST 800-171 compliance by providing MSP, security and Office 365 integration services.

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