Meet Christy Cooper

Christy Cooper, Director of Professional Services at C3.

Christy Cooper, Director of Professional Services, officially joined C3 Integrated Solutions in November – although she’s been part of the family for years as a long-time C3 client. Christy considers herself a native of Fairfax, VA although she spent the first six years of her life in Venezuela. She lives in Fairfax with her husband of 35 years and together they have raised three children and enjoy three grandchildren. We asked Christy to tell us a little more about herself, what motivates her and what she likes best about C3.

What does your perfect day look like?

CC: A perfect day at work begins with a focused and enthusiastic outlook on the team, and the work that I do supporting the professional services practice at C3. Throughout the day, my contributions have a positive impact on our customers and projects, and at the end of the day, I look forward to tomorrow.

At home, a perfect day includes time for myself including a Pilates class, Sunday dinner with my grown children and playing with my three beautiful grandchildren.

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

CC: My biggest professional accomplishment was leading the technology efforts to build and design a technology and communications system for a 35-location enterprise with over 4,500 end-users.

What do you like best about your job?

CC: That everyone shares the same vision and team-based culture, and it shows in the work product of each person in the organization.

What’s your philosophy toward work?

CC: Aristotle said it best – “Pleasure in work puts perfection in the work”.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

CC: Spending a day at a winery!

What are you good at?

CC: Cooking! I love to cook and luckily have a large family to cook for.

What do you hate to do?

CC: Going to the mall. This is a strange thing since I love to shop but not at a mall!

What’s your fondest memory from childhood?

CC: During the summer, I would go with my parents and five siblings out on Belmont Bay. We all poured into the ski boat, my Mom packed sandwiches, and my Dad filled jugs full of a mix of Kool-Aid and orange juice for our day-long adventures. My brothers fought over who would go water skiing first, but my sisters and I preferred sun-tanning rather than skiing, much to my Dad’s dissatisfaction.

Christy’s Favorites…

Band/Musician – Lady Antebellum

TV show – The Crown

Book – I have two. Presence by Amy Cuddy and Love, Eat, Pray by Elizabeth Gilbert

Movie – Footloose

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