Meet RJ Ghashghai: If It’s a Perfect Day, You’ll Find Him in the Middle of Nowhere

RJ Ghashghai, C3’s Senior Systems Consultant joined the team in May, in the midst of our collective quarantine. And while we haven’t been able to sit down with him in person, a Teams happy hour provided the perfect opportunity to learn more about RJ, both professionally and personally.

What do you like best about your job?

RJ: I really like the fact that no day is the same at C3. We have such a wide variety of clients across so many different industries – each day brings a new and interesting problem to solve. Combine that with the fact that everyone is working differently than they did six months ago, and you have all sorts of challenges that are thrown your way all the time – which is what I thrive on. Now, this all becomes manageable because of our team. Everyone within the C3 organization is on the same page, which makes my day-to-day life feel like I work with family. We’re a great group of professionals and a fun bunch of people.

What does your perfect day look like?

RJ: I can give you my perfect professional day, but my true perfect day would be getting away from the rest of the world. I’d order up a glorious day with 77-degree weather and set out with my dog on a 10-mile hike into the middle of nowhere. We’d bring only what I can carry on my back and would set up camp for a week. No computers, no phone and no distractions. Just us slowing down and enjoying this incredible natural world.

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

RJ: My biggest professional accomplishment was successfully migrating and upgrading 9,800 Windows servers from 2008R2 to 2016 in a 12-month period. The icing on that cake was that I met all my deadlines and I got to work with an elite team to successfully execute the tasks. I look back at that knowing what a complex challenge it all was and being proud that I worked with an incredible team to pull it off.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

RJ: Going brewery hopping. I live in Ashburn, Virginia so there are a lot of good places around us to spend the day raising a pint or two.

What’s your philosophy toward work?

RJ: Marshall Goldsmith, a world-renowned business educator and coach famously said, “What got you HERE, won’t get you THERE.” That has guided my overall philosophy toward my job on a day-to-day basis and also my career path. You always have to evolve, you always have to change. And whether that means acquiring new skills, or certifications, or just not being satisfied with the status quo, it’s all about doing what you need to do to get to that next place in your career and honestly, in your life.

What are you good at?

RJ: I’m definitely an active person. I love sport shooting, ice hockey, wakeboarding, and skiing. In general, I’m also a pretty handy guy, so you’ll usually find me tinkering with something or figuring out my next project.

What do you hate to do?

RJ: Ugh. Road trips. I hate being cooped up in the car. I need to be OUT!

What’s your fondest memory from childhood?

RJ: Going to our cabin in Lake Champlain, Vermont with my grandfather for the entire summer. We spent the days fishing, going shooting, and water skiing. We had a boat that we would take north up to Canada. I can’t imagine having that amount of free time now…maybe one day I’ll win the lottery and be able to do that again.

Now its time for the speed round…name your FAVORITE:

Band: Twenty One Pilots
TV Show:
Book: The Art of War by Sun Tzu
Movie: Bad Boys 2

Welcome to the C3 family RJ. We all hope we can get together in person one day – and hopefully at one of your favorite breweries!

Bill Wootton is the Founder and President of C3 Integrated Solutions, a full-service IT provider based in Arlington, VA that specializes in securing our nation’s Defense Industrial Base through cloud-based solutions and industry leading partners. Bill is passionate about bringing cyber-awareness, and cyber-maturity to the nation’s Defense Industrial Base, working with clients to help them achieve CMMC and NIST 800-171 compliance by providing MSP, security and Office 365 integration services.

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