1801, 2019

SSP and POAM Audits Are Coming

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At this point, the requirements and underlying need for improved contractor security has been clearly established. High profile data breeches like Sea Dragon and those covered in recent Wall Street Journal articles have laid bare the threat to our national security.

The threat has been answered with new requirements such as DFARS 252.204-7012 as well as […]

1701, 2019

FBI Warns Businesses Of Cyber Attack From China

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Who Has Been Impacted by Chinese Cyber Attacks?

At the beginning of the year, the FBI warned businesses to protect themselves from cyber attacks by foreign entities, saying activity has spiked in the past 18 months.

Hewlett Packard and IBM are among the businesses most recently targeted. There’s a National Counter-Intelligence and Security Center that manages intelligence […]

1001, 2019

8 Amazing Tips To Take Awesome Photos With Your iPhone

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Smartphone technology and the internet have made it possible for us to share ideas—and do business—with people all over the world. Learning to use the powerful tools we have at our fingertips more effectively is one of the most significant challenges of our time. Today’s consumers aren’t just looking for products—they are seeking mutually beneficial […]

401, 2019

Should Your Business Upgrade It’s Website To WordPress 5.0.2

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Only a few short weeks ago, we wrote about the introduction of WordPress 5.0 in early December and discussed whether or not your company should upgrade now, never or at a later date. Our recommendation was to wait until some of the bugs had been worked out of the system and until your business has […]

201, 2019

What Is The Microsoft 365 Freelance Toolkit

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Companies today are increasingly relying on freelancers to support one-time or ongoing projects. The growing need for freelance support can create complex challenges for companies.

How, for example, can companies manage projects across time zones? How can freelance and in-house staff access the same information and collaborate in real time? How can companies provide access to […]

3112, 2018

Have You Made Up Your Mind Regarding Your 2019 Technology Plan?

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December 31st is Make Up Your Mind Day

As New Year’s Eve approaches, it’s time to remember its other name: Make Up Your Mind Day. As the last day of the business year for most companies, it’s also a vital point for putting your plans for the next year into action. Unfortunately, creating a business technology […]

1712, 2018

Happy Wright Brothers Day – December 17

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On December 17, 1903, Orville and Wilbur Wright made the first successful flight in a mechanically propelled airplane. To celebrate the accomplishment and commemorate the achievements of the brave brothers, December 17 became Wright Brothers Day by a 1959 Presidential Proclamation. Wright Brothers Day is now honored every year in the United States with festivities […]

1412, 2018

Sextortion Scam Pretending To Come From Your Hacked Email Account

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A recent sextortion scheme highlights the vulnerability users face when their data is stolen and used against them.

The widespread threat made it seem as though a hacker had compromising video of a victim taken while visiting adult pornographic websites. The scammers threatened to release the video unless they were paid in bitcoins.

Here’s a closer look […]

1212, 2018

Should Your Business Upgrade Your Website To WordPress 5.0?

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WordPress 5.0 was just released to the public on December 6, 2018. According to WordPress’ blog, this new version of the go-to platform for small business websites and blogs will “revolutionize content editing with the introduction of a new block editor and block editor-compatible default theme Twenty Nineteen.” However, if you’re like most small business owners, […]

1112, 2018

Happy National App Day: December 11th

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Even though the word App is relatively new, it has become popular in everyday terminology as its uses have changed lives in the modern world. Almost all mobile phones are now smartphones, so even those individuals who were apprehensive about using new technology now use apps on a daily basis. That is why we now […]