712, 2018

Important FBI/DHS Warning: Update On FBI and DHS Warning: SamSam Ransomware

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The Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a critical alert Dec. 3, warning users about SamSam ransomware and providing details on what system vulnerabilities permit the pernicious product to be deployed.

According to the alert, which came from the DHS’s National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) along with the FBI, the […]

612, 2018

Threat Advisory: SamSam Ransomware

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SamSam Ransomware is becoming a massive problem for multiple industries across the United States. In fact, the problem is so big that The Department of Homeland Security, (DHS), National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center, (NCCIC), and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, (FBI), have all recently issued a US-CERT alert due to the SamSam ransomware. Like other types […]

512, 2018

What Are the Best Free Video Editors Available?

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In order to become a successful business, it has become increasingly crucial to maximize online content for current and potential customers and clients. One way to do this is with video.

Unfortunately, many business owners and marketing managers stay away from video because they think it’s too difficult to create a polished commercial, a useful and […]

412, 2018

Tech Tips: Top 10 Free Windows Utilities

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Windows users need their computers to do many different things. While the operating system has lots of built-in functionality, sometimes it can’t do everything it needs to.

Fortunately, there are thousands of utility programs designed to simplify tasks and make work easier to manage. Whether you’re a programmer, artist, music fan, system administrator or computer enthusiast, […]

312, 2018

Marriott Data Breach: What You Need To Know

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Heads up if you’ve stayed or made reservations at a Marriott or Starwood property over the last decade. A major security issue was just announced and the scope of the problem is actually quite astonishing. Here’s what you need to know about the Marriott International data breach.

What is the Marriott Data Breach?

On November 30th, Marriott […]

2611, 2018

Microsoft Excel’s Social Media Calendar

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We all know that social media can play a significant role in marketing your product. In the world today, more people are getting hooked up to social media meaning that the market is shifting in that direction. Social media calendar is, therefore, able to help you understand your audience’s preference. As a business person, you […]

2311, 2018

What Is Small Business Saturday? (November 24th, 2018)

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How do you usually shop when you need something like a gift for a friend, a new pair of shoes, or a bike for your son or daughter? Today more than ever before, Americans make a beeline for the computer or a big box store when it comes to getting through their shopping list.

And it’s […]

2011, 2018

How You Can Celebrate Entrepreneurs’ Day in 2018?

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Look around you. Your desk lamp, your headphones, that smartphone in your hands — everything you own and use daily was created in the mind of an entrepreneur.

Sure, it may be mass-produced now, but at one time, every item in existence had to be thought up, created, and marketed for the very first time. It took the […]

1611, 2018

Microsoft Search in 365 is Personalized for Your Business

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If your business uses Microsoft 365, you know how difficult it can be to locate information amongst many different programs and applications on your computer network, your devices, and any other place you may be working from. But what if there was a way to access the information you need as quickly as you needed […]

1411, 2018

How to Use Designer in Microsoft PowerPoint

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Many users have found that Office 365 PowerPoint is much easier to use than previous iterations of Microsoft PowerPoint. This application features tools like Designer that take advantage of Microsoft’s cloud technology and machine learning techniques for processing pictures and choosing a suitable layout for an image. Designer also makes it possible to change your […]