Microsoft Office 365 Announces Changes to Anti-SPAM Features

Over the past few months, Microsoft has been updating how Office 365 deals with spoofing and phishing attacks.  While many of these new features come as a part of the add-on Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Plan 2 license, a few of them have affected all license levels and have taken some admins by surprise. As a recent example, automatic e-mail forwarding was disabled for all tenants, which su...

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Unleash The Power Of Microsoft Azure

The cloud is everywhere. That's not a tagline or a marketing ploy - it's just a fact. Especially over the past few years, cloud solutions have rapidly taken over both the private and professional worlds, offering end users the freedom to access their data when, where and how they want to – have you gotten on board yet? You likely have a great reason to try out a cloud solution right now, b...

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