The Threat

Today’s cyber environment can be a dangerous place: threats are multi-tiered and complex, attacking every aspect of your environment to find weaknesses. C3 helps protect the investment you’ve made in your business by creating a layered defense that addresses multiple types of attacks.

NIST Framework

The NIST Cyber Framework is quickly emerging as the reference point for many industries as the baseline for cybersecurity. Whether it’s the SMB Framework, NIST 800-171, or NIST 800-53, these standards all provide organizations a reference point to measure their security profile.


Securing your network starts with a foundation of asset management, governance programs and risk assessment. Technology is then paired with awareness and training, so the entire organization works together to secure the environment.


Today’s IT environments require a layered defense of identity management, endpoint protection, device management and next-gen antivirus. Active management of the network is paired with information protection strategies to secure your most sensitive data.



It’s no longer enough to assume that your defenses are enough to stop hackers. A key tenant of cybersecurity is to assume breach. This means constantly scanning your environment for signs of intrusion, both external and internal.


Today’s networks are under constant attack. Response processes need to react to potential breaches and mitigate any damage quickly and effectively.

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