Need Voice
For Your GCC High Environment?

GCC High organizations can now enable Audio Conferencing and PSTN calling with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing via a partnership between C3 and CallTower.

For the first time, organizations can now enable a third-party hosted voice provider within GCC High, closing a known, long-term gap in Office 365 GCC High features. The C3-CallTower team has already begun implementing this new solution for voice with C3 GCC High clients. Together, the team of experts from both C3 and CallTower have identified and overcome the many technical challenges of voice enabled Office 365 GCC High.

C3 has already helped many clients transition to a GCC High environment. Whether your company needs a secure, GCC High environment, or if you are already operating within GCC High, C3 and CallTower can help deliver voice and telephony solutions to your organization, and help your business connect and collaborate more effectively.

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