Governance in a Box: Managing CUI Data Enclaves in Teams and SharePoint

Today’s technology has unleashed an unprecedented ability to share information and collaborate across teams, departments, and companies literally anywhere in the world. With a couple of clicks, a file can be accessed, edited, or shared by virtually anyone.

But what about the content you don’t want shared to everyone? What about the content that has special privacy or compliance requirements? How do you balance maximizing productivity with appropriate security controls?

Members of the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) face this challenge every day. By holding Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), these organizations face strict requirements around protecting data that contributes to our nation’s security. These requirements include restricting access, marking the content, and policy development.

In our newly-published White Paper, C3 explains how we leverage the AvePoint Governance tools to create and manage data enclaves in Teams and SharePoint. This provides your organization with multiple options to unleash creativity where appropriate, and restrict data flow where its required. These constructs are protected and reports can be generated to provide which access controls are being adhered to.

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