Defense Contractors

With the cybersecurity of the Defense Industrial Base getting increased visibility both within the DoD and the mainstream press, defense contractors and system integrators need to ensure their systems are not just secure, but that they also meet IT compliance requirements.


Professional Services Firms

Professional Service Firms must remain competitive by enabling their employees, serving their clients and, most of all, managing costs. As a business owner or IT decision maker, you are always trying to maximize your most important asset, your people. Tailoring collaboration technologies to your requirements is vital to ensuring you get the most from your technology and your employees.


Federal Contractors

As a federal government contractor, you deal with enough bureaucratic red tape to win and keep federal contracts; you don’t need the hassle of IT management and compliance on your plate as well. What you do require is a technology services company that will ensure your technology infrastructure meets or exceeds specifications to meet IT regulations and operate cost efficiently.


High Growth Companies

Congratulations, all that hard work is finally paying off. The business is scaling and growing rapidly. Now you need to scale your infrastructure to accommodate your success. This requires a maturation of your internal systems and controls to both enable and protect your business. Part of that includes professional IT Management.



Your work must be done, and deadlines met no matter what. But what if your IT department is suddenly overwhelmed due to a new project? Hiring additional techs can be expensive. And once things die down, will you really need that extra employee?


Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Just because you don’t have 500 users, doesn’t mean you don’t have the same needs as an enterprise organization. In fact, these needs are even more challenging because you don’t have the budget and resources to meet these needs.


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