Professional Services

Professional Service Firms need to remain competitive by enabling their employees, accessing their customers and, most of all, managing costs. As business owner or IT decision maker, you are always trying to maximize your most important asset, your people.  Since your team members are typically information workers and more often than not, power users, collaboration is critical to be successful.

Our entire portfolio of services is designed with the professional services firm in mind.  With anywhere access and collaboration tools such as Office 365, you will always have access to the latest and most advanced capabilities.  These features will enable you to work remotely, collaborate with vendors as well as clients, while maintaining the security that your clients demand.

We will help you translate the technology to meaningful business processes that will drive more productivity from your team while controlling costs.

High Growth Companies

Nothing compares to the feeling of when you are taking your company to the next level.  However, when companies grow significantly, the underlying processes and systems typically need to change in order to accommodate the change in scale.

We’ve helped many of our clients as they have gone through these very changes.   With the power of the cloud, the IT infrastructure is designed to scale quickly and seamlessly.   Our MSP services are also designed to grow with your businesses with a predictable price model and the capacity to absorb new challenges. But beyond that, we can also show how the technologies available can support process changes so your team can realize economies of scale in their operations.

Hyper growth businesses have enough to worry about.  With C3, we will ensure that your IT infrastructure can meet the demands of your success.

Mergers and Acquisitions

When companies merge, many times there are decisions regarding what legacy systems to adopt and which to abandon. However, in some cases, the answer is to adopt a new solution that provides more capabilities and can serve to help bring the companies together.

We’ve used office 365 to facilitate the integration of companies through the merger process.  By unifying email on a single platform and facilitating the cultural integration with collaborative tools such as Skype for Business, SharePoint, and Yammer, we’ve proven that technology can accelerate the integration of multiple businesses.

We can show you how our services can facilitate the merger process by combining solutions, integrating processes and fostering cultural change.

Government Contractors

Government contracts are perhaps the most unique industry that we work with.  The inherent instability within the market, as well as the new compliance requirements, mean that our clients need a true partner that will provide the knowledge, experience, and flexibility they demand.

For government contractors specifically, 2018 will bring about significant changes for companies who work in the defense industry, as they face new compliance regulation that must now be implemented. Whether your company is in the process of working through goals outlined in your POA&M, or you have yet to start this process, C3 can partner with your compliance team to implement the solutions that will help meet your goals and achieve compliance for your company.

C3 is uniquely positioned to help address all aspects of NIST 800-171 and DFARS 252.204-7012 compliance, as it is one of a small group of Microsoft Partners approved to license the Government Cloud Community (GCC) High to organizations with fewer than 500 employees.

We have extensive experience in working with government contractors of all sizes and can help design the right solutions for your situation.  We can provide options to leverage the best mix of Office 365 licenses as well as advise you on best practices to deploy collaborative tools like SharePoint.


Hospitality companies pose unique challenges to the IT professional.  Team members are obviously distributed to all the properties and many workers are not informational workers and don’t have company devices.  These challenges make it difficult, but not impossible to leverage cloud technologies to realize the economies of scale required to be efficient.

We can show hospitality companies how Office 365 features like Yammer and SharePoint can be used to collaborate and unite team members across a wide geography.  Identity solutions can also be leveraged to provide access appropriately while maintaining security across the network.


No one uses technology like students.  Always and earlier adopter of the next game, gadget, or service, students are among the most voracious users of bandwidth and network services.

As an IT Director, you know that students continually push the limit in demanding more and more from your network.  With the explosive growth in wireless devices, this also means delivering high capacity without a hard-wired network.  Additionally, as video services advance, your students are bringing beautiful flat screen televisions to their dorms only to find outdated standard definition programming.  In order to compete for today’s student, you need to be able to satisfy all of these needs as well as anticipate the next big thing.

We work with universities to deploy the student-facing technologies they demand including voice, video and data services, integrated into a single solution and delivered over both wired and wireless infrastructures.  Our unique mix of capabilities will enable these next generation capabilities within your budget parameters.  Leveraging our experience in deploying cutting edge solutions to historic hotels, we can deploy these capabilities without complete overhauls of your existing cable infrastructure.