Why is Bandwidth Important?

Almost every cloud migration initiative includes a conversation around bandwidth. Virtualizing your infrastructure changes the way you use bandwidth as well as your underlying network resiliency.

Clients that virtualize their infrastructure are able to eliminate VPN’s and also become less reliant on internet connectivity where their servers were housed. However, virtualizing also increases the demand of an organization’s internet connection as all users need to access the cloud to perform their duties. Cloud solutions may also shift the balance of download and upload data streams as the flow of content fundamentally changes. This is also a good time to review whether redundant connections are appropriate.

Not All Bandwidth is the Same

There are many types of services from cable modem to Ethernet Over Copper (EoC), to Fast Ethernet as well as other types of delivery. Some services are “dedicated” which means that the carrier commits to a level of service and attaches a Service Level Agreement that guarantees the promised bandwidth. Other services, such as cable modems, are “best effort” which means the promised speeds are “up to” and there is no contractual guarantee that the carrier will deliver the full amount of bandwidth. Further confusing the situation is that your location determines what carriers and which services are available.

Express Route

Organizations that require a high capacity connection to the cloud, or run applications that are latency dependent, may need more than a connection over the public Internet. These organizations can leverage Express Route which allows for a private, dedicated connection to the cloud. This unique solution supports niche requirements and can facilitate visualizing applications that require low latency or high data transfers.

C3 Integrated Solutions leadership team has over 15 years of experience working with telecom providers. We have the knowledge of the vendors, their networks, and the technology to ensure that you get the most bandwidth at the best price.

With several preferred partners as well as access to virtually every provider in the marketplace, we will recommend the right solution for your needs.

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