DFARS Interim Rule: What you need to know to navigate CMMC

C3 Integrated Solution’s President Bill Wootton helps navigate the new DFARS rule, which fundamentally changes the way contractors meet and report their cybersecurity readiness to the government. Widely anticipated, this rule embeds CMMC into contracts moving forward and adds key requirements to ensure the cybersecurity of our nation’s Defense Industrial Base (DIB). The new rule adds three new clauses to DFARS; 7019, 7020, and 7021. However, a closer look shows that there is actually a lot more than just adding CMMC. Tune in for a detailed overview of the new clauses and what the rule change will mean for all DoD contractors as they navigate the road to CMMC compliance.


Bill Wootton is the Founder and President of C3 Integrated Solutions, a full-service IT provider based in Arlington, VA that specializes in securing our nation’s Defense Industrial Base through cloud-based solutions and industry leading partners. Bill is passionate about bringing cyber-awareness, and cyber-maturity to the nation’s Defense Industrial Base, working with clients to help them achieve CMMC and NIST 800-171 compliance by providing MSP, security and Office 365 integration services.

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